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The “Other” Woman-Cheating

Hi Bedroom Playmates!
Last night’s topic was “The Other Woman.” As you listen to the episode below you will see that it took a huge turn from where we were going however many people had questions and comments that will benefit many women and men out there.  I always follow my listeners and what their needs are when it comes to my shows. My shows are about you and your needs. I am here to provide a creative platform with topics that you may use in your everyday life.
Please read the my contributing blog writer’s unique perspective on cheating…
If My Lover Cheated…
If my lover was cheating I would most definitely confront the other person. I need answers and my mate has already proven to be untrustworthy prick. I need to know how long, how often, where at, and what the hell lies they were being told, if any, that got this situation to what it is. It’s hard to come back from a cheating scandal. For me its damn near impossible. Now everything you say and do is looked at with a side eye because you’re a liar.  Not only have you tarnished the relationship but you have scarred the person who was true to you. Cheating messes with your psyche. I don’t have patience for anyone who fucks me up in the head far longer than they were fucking that bitch.
On Seeing My Friend’s Mate Cheating….


Here’s what I would do if I saw my friends mate cheating. Not a mother fucking thang! I am over the age of 30 and it’s hard out here in these dating streets. I am at the age where my friends aren’t dating for fun, they date for a commitment. They are not interested in your come to Jesus revaluation on what the hell their man is doing. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss. Nine times out of ten they aren’t going to leave him so now you all are in the same room awkward as hell because you want to play captain safe a hoe. Not worth it. I rather the person confide in me once she finds out rather than be the barrier of bad news.

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