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The G-Spot with Meka Rae

Say My Name-The G-Spot with Meka Rae


Bedroom Playmates,

Listen to our very first show below on!

This is the live test show for the G-spot w/ Meka Rae Live. We are here to have a great time, learn some things, sip some wine, and chat. Javonne will join me as we talk all things sexy! I will tell you all about the show, the segments, and how we will make this show one of the sexiest Blog Talk shows out there. We look forward to you joining us!

How important is it to hear your lover call your name? Do you like to use names when you are making love? Listen to this hilarious episode as we discuss Say My Name! This is also the very first episode of The G-Spot with Meka Rae so we are finding our way through and setting the stage.

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