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Sex and Sensuality®


Our Movement

The Sex and Sensuality® Movement helps women connect with their inner sexual power. Connection with that power increases a woman’s ability to receive the ultimate pleasure from whoever they desire. Meka Nicole began this movement in August 2013 with her first seminar in Jacksonville, Florida. The instant popularity of this event, produced three additional seminars in Atlanta, New York, and North Carolina. Meka continues to evolve this movement through future seminars, books, and life coaching opportunities.

You are able to enjoy Meka Nicole’s Sex and Sensuality® Seminar in a variety of ways. You may sign up for one of her seminars when it comes to your city or you may book your very own Sex and Sensuality® experience in a location of your choice with the people you care about most. Please view these packages by clicking here.

Sign up for one of our seminars if you are considered “sexually shy,” you want to learn new tricks in the bedroom, you are interested in spicing up your sex life for your lover,  if you want to unleash that inner sex kitten, or if you just want to have a great time discussing all things sexy and sensual! You will have a great night of elegant, tasteful, sexy fun! We look forward to hearing from you. Please use the contact form if you have any additional questions.