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Interracial Relationships-What’s The Real Issue



Hi Bedroom Playmates,

On this episode we are discussed Interracial Relationships. Take a peek at the questions we addressed on the show below…

Is there an issue in the Black community when it comes to white or other ethnic women dating black men but less of an issue when a black woman dates a white man or any other ethnicity? Why do we see such uprest when a Black male celebrity or athlete date a woman of another ethnicity? Is it really about the woman he has chosen to date or is it something more ingrain within the Black culture?

Are interracial relationships any different from relationships of the same ethnic group.

Does love actually have a color? What is your preference? Why or why wouldn’t you date someone of an opposite ethnic group?

What about interracial relationships in the LGBT community? Do they face the same issues as heterosexual couples?

We had guest host Tessie Wilmot on the show to engage us in this topic.

Share your thoughts below!

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